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Juliana Sohn on working, being undone and honest beauty

Juliana Sohn on working, being undone and honest beauty

Who are you and where do you live? 

 I’m a photographer and I live in the East Village.

What are you up to these days? and / or What would you like to be up to these days? 

I’ve been fortunate to be working a lot recently. I love what I do so this is great for me; working makes me happy! There’s been this wonderful mix of personal work, working with friends who inspire me, portraits, stills, interiors, super commercial work…all of it fun! I really like to mix up what I shoot, keeps it interesting and challenging. I also like to make things so I sneak off to trimming stores, yarn stores, zipper stores, Michael’s whenever I can. Currently I am working on knitting two sweaters, a baby blanket and also trying to finish off these walnut veneered, wood and leather clipboards which were inspired by the menu boards at Il Buco Alimentari. I'm considering making my own cutting boards next.

Is there one thing (or person, book or song) that particularly inspires you? 

 I am an avid reader and I hold writers in high esteem. My two favorites right now are David Mitchell and George Saunders. Mitchell’s capacity to grow as an artist and writer is truly inspiring. His books only get better, more mature, and more human. I love connecting with someone through a piece of art/work, recognizing how that person sees and feels, which happens more often for me with writing. The virtuoso book that totally undid me though was Gilead, by Marilynne Robinson. 

How'd you discover Jill's jewelry

Brooke Williams and I traveled together extensively working for domino magazine and I was always jealous of the gorgeous jewelry she wore so elegantly. Luckily for me the magazine asked me to photograph Jill and I was able to meet the maker.


What's your favorite JP piece and why?  

I love many of Jill’s pieces! I don’t like to have to be careful with things I wear, I don’t like to feel limited but still want to look good. So the tenera cord and silver work beautifully for me. Currently, I wear the Pizzazz bracelet and the Shortwave necklace. I sleep in them, shower in them, snorkel in them, and go running in them. I never take them off. Needless to say I think they get fairly banged about! They are well loved and well worn.

Last but never least- why do you look so damn good?

I enjoy going to see films targeted towards teenage boys with lots of explosions. I don’t own a blow dryer or wear makeup. I don’t lie, cheat or steal. I try to be generous and kind to others. In my old age I’ve realized that is what really matters. Oh, and I compost!

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